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Public Help Centers

Public Help Centers

There are a few organizations you may need to contact during your time in South Korea.

Should the need arise, each of these phone numbers will direct you to the English-speaking department.

Immigration Center
1345 (+82-2-1345)

If you have any questions about your visa, this is who you should call. Just make sure you contact them during their working hours. If you need to make a reservation to visit immigration or need to download any forms, please head to their website.

Korea Tourism Organization
1330 (+82-2-1330)


One of the most popular websites for waygooks (foreigners) living in South Korea, the KTO's website provides a rich resource for a wide variety of topics. Are you're planning a weekend trip to Busan and need a place to stay? Or maybe you're wondering where to find a delicious galbi restaurant in your neighborhood? Perhaps you're looking for information on bus or train travel between cities, or you're keen on a weekend shopping trip in Seoul but you're not sure where to start? The KTO website has all of this information and much, much more.

National Tax Service
1588-0560 (+82-2-1588-0560)


Your income tax will almost always be automatically deducted from your monthly paycheck so you probably won't need to contact the National Tax Service on your own. If you ever have questions about current tax rates or the year-end tax refund (and if you're eligible) you can reach out the the National Tax Service.

National Health Insurance Service
033-811-2000 (+82-33-811-2000)

Registering for health insurance will be one of the first tasks your school helps you tackle - it's all part of the Alien Registration Card (ARC) process. It's unlikely that you'll need to contact the NHIS during your time in Korea, but here is their contact info just in case.

National Pension Service
1355 (+82-63-713-6900)

You may need to contact the National Pension Service after you finish your contract. Some countries require specific paperwork for filing taxes once you're back at home, and should the need arise, the NPS is who you would call.  

Ministry of Employment and Labor
1350 (+82-52-702-5089)


Should you ever find yourself in an unlikely legal situation with your school, the Ministry of Employment and Labor will handle your case. We highly recommend contacting our staff before reaching out to the Labor Board. The cultural and language barriers might make it difficult for you to have your voice heard, so let Korea Works be your middle-man!