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Getting a Job in South Korea


Submit Application to Korea Works

Once you've spent some time researching all of the wonderful, unique, challenging, energizing, life-changing aspects of living and working in South Korea, take 5 minutes and fill out our application

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Gather your first set of visa documents

You'll need an E2 visa from the Korean Consulate in your jurisdiction. This is a lengthy process that takes between 2+ months, but don't worry - we've done it thousands of times and we'll walk you through it step-by-step. 

Your first set of visa documents needs to be ready before we can submit your CV to schools. This includes a copy of your Bachelors diploma, a nation wide criminal background check, sealed transcripts, and your passport, and more. Many of these documents have specific certifications that must be attached before Korean immigration will accept them - but we've included all of these details in our E2 Visa Process Checklists.

The more diligent you are in collecting visa documents, the sooner you will be able to start interviewing with schools!


we start networking with schools on your behalf

Once our office has received an emailed copy of your first set of visa documents, we will start connecting with schools that meet your criteria. We pride ourselves in our tailored approach to recruiting, and work tirelessly to help you land a job with a school that will be a great fit for you.

Click here for insight on how to prepare your CV for Korean employers. 


Interviews with schools

When a school expresses interest in talking with you, we'll email you immediately to set up a phone or Skype interview. Please be aware that these interviews happen very last minute, typically within 1-2 days of the initial interview request. Your flexibility and availability will help you secure a teaching position quickly! 

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You sign a contract and finish the final steps of the visa process

In order to obtain a valid E-2 visa in South Korea, you must sign a contract that states you will be working full time hours (at least 15 hours/week) for the duration of 1 year. Once you've secured a teaching position, your school will submit the first set of visa documents to immigration in Korea. After roughly 14 days, you will take the second set of visa documents to the Korean Consulate in your jurisdiction to complete the process and receive the E2 visa in your passport. 

Click here for more information about the E2 visa process.


Booking your flight

Once the E2 visa is in your passport and your passport is back from the Consulate, we'll work with you to book your flight. Please be aware that this typically happens 3-8 days before your actual flight departure. You'll want to be packed and ready to go! 

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welcome to Korea!

After you arrive in Korea, your school will help you arrange a medical exam. This is the first step towards getting your Alien Resident Card (ARC). The medical exam must be completed within 90 days of arrival, but will likely happen within your first few weeks in Korea. The exam will be performed at the nearest hospital, which your school will help you find. You will be responsible to pay for the full cost of the exam. 

IMPORTANT: This exam includes a blood and urine test that screens for illegal drugs and other diseases. If drugs (including Marijuana) are found, the teacher will not be issued their ARC and will be sent home at their own expense. If you have any concern about passing the screening, please inform Korea Works staff immediately and get tested before leaving. 

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