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Korea Works is a verified recruiter in Seoul and leading ESL job placement service for adventurous graduates interested in teaching English in South Korea. Whether you’re searching for information or preparing to start a teaching job in Korea, you can rest assured our friendly staff is here to help.


The allure of travel. The excitement of daily cross-cultural interactions. A slow job market at home. People are drawn to the adventure of living and working overseas for different reasons, and after ten years in this industry we've noticed a theme among all the teachers we've worked with: we've yet to meet a single person who has regretted it.

WHY South korea?

South Korea is unique in the ESL world. Your salary and benefits are excellent, allowing you to live a comfortable lifestyle, save money, and travel easily to dozens of exotic destinations. Your contract is only a year long, making it an ideal post-grad opportunity for native English speakers. All you need to be eligible for a job is a Bachelors degree (in anything!), a clear criminal record, and a valid passport from a native English speaking country.


Transitioning to live and work abroad as an English Teacher can be challenging, and you need a recruiter you can trust. We’re here to take away from the scary and add to the adventure. We've been placing bright, talented graduates in reliable English teaching jobs throughout South Korea for over a decade, and we're committed to making the process as easy as possible for you.