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Everything you need to know about electronics in Korea.

Korean wall outlets operate on 220 V and look like this: 

If you are coming from the US or Canada, your electronics have been manufactured to operate on a different voltage system (110 V outlets). If you were to plug your electronics, especially larger devices, directly into the wall in Korea with a plug adapter, you will run the risk of frying your device within seconds. 

We recommend buying a power converter to transfer the power coming from the 220 V outlet into your 110 V appliance. Converters are usually the size of half of a loaf of bread and you will probably want a good one, especially if the electronics you’re bringing are expensive. Some large department stores in Korea, like HomePlus+ or Emart, will sell converters but it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll be able to find one with the plug size you need. 

No matter what country you’re coming from, you’ll want a good supply of plug adapters. We recommend buying these before you come to Korea, because you’ll need adapters that have the appropriate holes to fit your devices on the input side.

And finally, make sure you bring a power strip from home! Simply plug your power strip into your power converter, and voilà! You instantly have multiple outlets to plug your devices into.