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What’s the big deal with my CRC?

Your Criminal Record Check (CRC) is perhaps the most important document you’ll gather in the E2 Visa application process because it's the one that takes the longest to prepare. In other words, your eligible start date/arrival date in Korea relies heavily on the status of your CRC.

Your CRC must be a nation-wide check, issued by a federal authority. In some countries, like the UK and Canada, this process takes 3-4 weeks. In others, like the United States, applying for and receiving a CRC can take 8-12 weeks. Being aware of wait times, staying on top of the application process, and regularly communicating your status to the Korea Works staff can greatly increase your chances of securing a job in Korea as quickly as possible.

The process for applying for a CRC is outlined in detail in our E2 Visa Process PDFs. Ask the Korea Works staff for the PDF for your country if you haven’t already received it!