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What else do I need to do for my E2 visa after I arrive in Korea?

Once your E-2 visa is placed in your passport by your local Korean Consulate, you’re done with the visa process… right? 

We wish. Upon arrival in Korea, you have 90 days to apply for your Alien Registration Card (ARC). Your school will help you navigate these final steps, but here’s an overview of what you can expect: 

  • Your school will help you arrange a medical exam. This is the first step towards getting your ARC. The exam must be completed within 90 days of arrival, but will likely happen within your first few weeks in Korea. It will be performed at the nearest hospital, which your school will help you find. It costs around ₩100,000, which YOU will be responsible to pay for. 
  • This medical exam includes a blood and urine test that screens for illegal drugs and other diseases. If drugs (including Marijuana) are found, you will not be issued your ARC and will be sent home at your own expense. If you have any concerns about passing the screening, please inform us immediately and get tested before leaving home. 
  • After the results of the medical exam are returned to you (3-4 days), your school will help you file for your ARC. You will visit the nearest immigration office to apply. You will need your passport, heath test results, and the ₩15,000 processing fee.
  • Ask the immigration office to give you 1 verified copy of your degree and 1 verified copy of your Criminal Record Check. They have these on file, and should be able to give the verified copies to you right there.